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Trust, but Verify Your Estate Tax Planning

by Antoinette Bone on Mar 29, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

Happy Easter! Just as the federal government has a tax structure, so do the states.  These tax rules will vary from state to state.  Knowing what to think about can save you from falling into a trap for the unwary resulting in years of penalty fees you will have to pay.  If you are a […]

Although this article focuses on New Jersey, the general discussion of the expansive health law change to take effect January 2014 is relevant to Texans. Study: Nearly A Third Of Doctors Wont See New Medicaid Patients – Kaiser Health News.

As our President would say, “Here is a great teaching moment”.   The wealthy have a lot to teach us about estate planning.  This article is a great read.  Here are a few lessons you will learn: Lesson 1:  a Will is a private document when drafted but when you die, it becomes a public […]

In my last tax related posting you read some interesting stories of infamous tax evaders.  This article hits much closer to home as it discusses how you may have your identity stolen.  Read what to look out for. For Tax Identity Thieves and Phishers, Business Is Booming.

Exploitation a potential estate planning concern

by Antoinette Bone on Mar 18, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

Elder exploitation is on the rise.  The population is getting older and there are people out there looking to take advantage of the elderly often times being let into their lives under the pretense of providing assistance.  Elder financial exploitation and abuse are criminal offenses.  Both the Dallas and Tarrant County District Attorneys Offices have […]

As if worrying about whether or not you owe or will get a refund isn’t enough, you also need to keep an eye on your identity this tax season.  There may be someone out there that is doing it for you whether you want them to or not. For Tax Identity Thieves and Phishers, Business […]

Top 10 Tax Cheats: the Big, the Bad & the Weird

by Antoinette Bone on Mar 12, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

It’s tax season.  Whether you do your own taxes, use an accountant or go to one of the myriad places that pop up this time of year in every vacant space for lease, take a look at these cautionary tales that remind us Uncle Sam is watching. Top 10 Tax Cheats: the Big, the Bad […]

If you or a parent are considering re-marriage late in life, this is a must read article.  Taking the vow of until death do you part has significant and different consequences when you are older with children than when you are young and married for the first time.  Planning becomes much more important in late-life […]

This is the first in a series of postings on tax related issues you might find of interest. Are Your Investments Tax-Efficient?.

Who said estate planning was boring?  If you enjoy Downton Abbey like I do, you can learn some great lessons about estate and financial planning.  Take a look at this article. 3 retirement and estate-planning lessons from ‘Downton Abbey’ – Encore – MarketWatch.

I know that most folks out there think that now that the estate tax exemption is just over 5 million dollars, they don’t need to worry about doing any planning.   While it is true that the 5 million dollar estate tax exemption means that probably 99% of people will not have to worry about […]

 Grandparents often want to play a role in financing their grandchildren’s college educations. But it’s important that they consider the impact that different financing options will have on their estate plan. This article looks at the estate planning implications of grantor and Crummey trusts and the Section 2503(c) minor’s trust, along with direct tuition payments […]