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Estate Planning Lessons from Grey’s Anatomy

by Antoinette Bone on Apr 29, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

A week or so ago the issue of estate planning came up again on the show Grey’s Anatomy.  The first incident was when Dr. Mark Sloan was in the plane crash which left him in a coma.  He had healthcare directive (in Texas we call it a Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates).  His […]

No matter where you live, estate planning isn’t just about who gets your “stuff”.  A comprehensive plan will address your preferences for burial.  Making burial arrangements either by writing out what you want done or not done or by buying a pre-paid burial plan, don’t forget to address this important issue.  Margaret Thatcher has a […]

Obama budget proposal affecting advanced planning strategies:  IDGTs, GRATs, and dynasty trust GST tax exemption benefit could be on the chopping block.

Combining to of my favorite things, food and estate planning, this is an excellent article for trust beneficiaries and Trust Grantors.  When doing estate planning, grantors should realize it is not something that should be kept secret, talk to your family about what you are doing and why.  Beneficiaries, educate yourself about the trust terms […]

This guide by the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion discusses how  those with mental conditions can realize their goal of living a full and independent life by achieving self-sufficiency through engaging in work.  The guide is designed to provide information you may need to figure out whether working is right for you and to […]

If you are a person with a disability or care for someone who has a disability you are probably well aware of the challenges faced concerning employment.  This article discusses some statistics about the disabled and employment. Adults with disabilities less likely to be employed, make less –

Medicaid planning is a legal method of protecting your family from the financial devastation of long-term care costs.  Planning ahead several years is best but crisis planning is not uncommon.  I can help your family protect itself from such losses.  Whether you live in New York, Oklahoma, or Texas, this legal method can be used […]

Elder Law: Senior crime prevention — Part two

by Antoinette Bone on Apr 9, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

This is a great must read article on scams targeting the elderly!  You will want to share this with your parents, neighbors, church members and friends.  Visit my facebook page for a post from a few weeks ago on this topic covering different scams. Elder Law: Senior crime prevention — Part two.

Digital assets is a topic I have discussed before in my newsletter and blog.  Many people do not think about in the context of estate planning, but it is very much a part of the discussion.  This article adds a little more food for thought. Money Matters: E-state planning in the digital age |

T.V. can be a wonderful medium for playing out common family dramas.  Downton Abbey has done it in spades.  This past season has been a great lesson on succession planning and how that plays out in the context of family relationships. Downton Abbey: Real Life Lessons for Trust and Estate Advisors | Estate Planning content […]

So you think paying an attorney to plan your estate is too expensive?  How expensive will it be if that online company you used gets it wrong?  When it comes to estate planning, you should think DIY= DI Don’t.  This article from Consumer Reports discusses the many pitfalls of do-it-yourself estate planning. Writing your own […]

The effect of ATRA on grantor and dynasty trusts. Obama Budget Endangers Some Estate Planning Techniques.

Here is an article from my new Special Needs newsletter. When a family has more than one child with special needs, the last thing it wants is more complexity. At the same time, most families with multiple children with special needs are stretched financially and desperately need to preserve access to government benefits like Medicaid […]

Greetings Readers, April is Autism awareness month and today, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day. I want to welcome you to the inaugural edition of my new newsletter on special needs. This newsletter is for the families who care for someone with a disability. This will be a monthly newsletter. In the coming weeks, […]

Commando estate planning

by Antoinette Bone on Apr 1, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

This article discusses whhy long range strategic thinking is important in general estate planning but is critical when dealing with a family business, which is usually the source of a family’s wealth. Liza Horvath, Senior Advocate: Commando estate planning – :.

With the estate tax exemption of 5 million dollars being made permanent, 99% of people don’t need to worry about tax planning.  This article discusses the real reasons everyone needs to engage in some level of estate planning. Estate or death planning: There’s no better time than now | 2013-03-08 | Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Are your retirement savings secure from creditors? Estate planning and asset protection go hand-in-hand. After all, no matter how well your estate plan is designed, it won’t do much good if you have no wealth to share with your family. If you have significant assets in employer-sponsored retirement plans or IRAs, it’s important to understand […]