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The elderly and disabled are prime targets for abuse.  The sad truth is that the abuse usually comes at the hands of a family member.  If you care about someone who is elderly or disabled this article might be of interest to you.  Eventhough assisted suicide isn’t legal in Texas, it highlights issues of abuse […]

I’ve done several postings on managing digital assets but from a more sterile perspective.  This is the story of a woman and her mother and an example of what managing someone’s digital assets looks like. Rev. Amy Ziettlow: What Does Managing a Loved One’s Digital Legacy Look Like?.

Here is an interesting article on filial responsibility, political, and economic change. China’s Big (and Growing) Problem With Its Elderly Population – Matt Schiavenza – The Atlantic.

Cost and quality of care are top of mind when looking at care facilities for parents.  Take a look at some differences between for -profit and non-profit institutions. The quality gap at elder-care homes – Encore – MarketWatch.

Top five regrets of the dying

by Antoinette Bone on Jul 11, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

There will come a time for all of us when we look back on our lives and think, “I wish I had or had not done that”.  What will on your list? Top five regrets of the dying.

Do you have a pet that you love and want to ensure gets cared for something happens to you?  I have a chocolate lab and I’ve already told my cousin that if something happens to us, she is getting him.  I know she will take good care of him.  However, besides telling someone this, you […]

James Gandolfini becomes estate tax poster boy

by Antoinette Bone on Jul 10, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

Here is another estate tax tale of woe.  Like so many Americans, Mr. Gandolfini didn’t have an estate plan in place.  One might think since he had a pretty  nice nest egg to protect he would have put something in place.  Apparently that was not the case.  The people that pay the most (literally and […]

No matter where you live if you have a special needs child, estate planning for your family has another dimension that needs to be addressed.  This article addresses some of the issues you need to start thinking about.  When you are already, contact my office and we will help you navigate this complex area of […]