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More Estate Planning Lessons from Grey’s Anatomy

by Antoinette Bone on Sep 28, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

This past Thursday was the two hour season premier of Grey’s Anatomy. ┬áMeredith’s mentor and father figure (Richard) has been electrocuted and is lying on floor in the bowels of the hospital. ┬áThe evil machinations of an intern vying to get back into the good graces and surgery room with McDreamy (a brain surgeon) sends […]

Using an FLP as an income tax planning tool

by Antoinette Bone on Sep 9, 2013 Posted on Our Blog

For many years, family limited partnerships (FLPs) have been a popular vehicle for consolidating and managing family wealth while reducing gift and estate taxes. Now that fewer people are subject to these taxes, an FLP may have lost some of its appeal as an estate planning tool. But with individual income tax rates at their […]