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The Affordable Care Act: How It Impacts Seniors

by Antoinette Bone on Jan 16, 2014 Posted on Our Blog

Since its passage in 2010, the Affordable Care Act has been the subject of many heated debates and a cause for some confusion among most of the population.  Here is how it impacts seniors. Individual Mandate Most of us have heard that under the ACA there is an individual mandate to obtain healthcare insurance. In […]

Downton Abbey: Money Musical Chairs

by Antoinette Bone on Jan 7, 2014 Posted on Our Blog

Well, Downton Abbey seems to be a never-ending fount of lessons on estate planning.  This season isn’t failing to disappoint.  The new season is starting off with a bang.  This first episode was jam packed with estate planning issues:  the simple issue of just getting something done, taxes, holographic wills, and dealing with a minor […]