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As an elder attorney, I work not just with older clients, but also with their caregivers.   Many times, this means adult children who have been given power of attorney, as well as other loved ones who pitch in to help when something is needed.   These caregivers often spend so much time with the […]

Every family has its own approach when it comes to talking about financial and legal information.  As a will and trust lawyer, I’ve seen everything from open and transparent conversations to those where discussions of money are considered taboo.  In reality, families who are approaching the estate planning process should be having some conversations about […]

When a person decides to make a last will and testament, there are various duties which will need to be performed by others once the will has been probated. Whether choosing a trustee to manage money or perhaps a guardian over minor children, each position, along with the choices made for the first-named person to […]

Family business contribute over 70 percent of global productions, but owners of them don’t update their estate planning. It’s estimated that over 50 percent of family business owners didn’t update estate planning for more than five years. Perfect and updated family planning ensures the smooth transition of a property from one generation to other while exploiting many […]

What do the words “wills”, “trusts,” “estates,” and “health care directives” mean to you?  Do you envision useful tools which help you protect your family and your wishes if death or incapacity strikes?  Or do you brush off these terms believing they are only important for the super-rich or elderly?   October 19th-25th marks National […]

Postmortem: Estate Planning Revitalization

by Antoinette Bone on Oct 8, 2015 Posted on Our Blog

6 postmortem strategies for revitalizing an estate plan Estate planning is an inexact science. No matter how much time and thought you put into a plan, changing tax laws and personal circumstances can hamper its ability to achieve your objectives. Fortunately, there are postmortem strategies your spouse, executors and beneficiaries can use to reduce estate […]