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You may have noticed there is a massive heroin addiction in our country today, with fatal overdoses destroying far too many families. The use of opioid painkillers, relatively easy to obtain, is often the starting point for the addiction. If the prescription is no longer available, or the insurance company will not pay for it, […]

Much has been made of the first 100 days of President Trump’s administration, and of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). This bill was just passed by the House as the first step to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   This post will highlight the activity of the President’s first 100+ days and […]

Veterans compensation is a tax-free benefit paid monthly to a veteran and/or eligible family members because of the veteran’s service-connected disability.   A service-connected disability includes an injury or disease incurred during active military service or a pre-existing injury or disease that is aggravated during active military service. Compensation may also be paid for post-service […]

Bone-afide Veterans News – Military Lodging

by Antoinette Bone on May 2, 2017 Posted on Our Blog

As you know, you are eligible to stay in military lodging facilities. The various Services work closely together so you can generally see what is available to you by looking at any of their sights. In the event you would like to look at the various individual sights, we are listing most here: Army MWR, […]

A recent report from the Alzheimer’s Association states that one in nine Americans age 65 or older currently have Alzheimer’s. With the baby boomer generation aging and people living longer, that number may nearly triple by 2050. Alzheimer’s, of course, is just one cause of dementia—mini-strokes (TIAs) are also to blame—so the number of those […]

Bone-afide Veterans News – Hospice for Veterans

by Antoinette Bone on Apr 6, 2017 Posted on Our Blog

The Veteran’s Administration provides hospice care to veterans. The VA can purchase hospice services from community providers, including hospice care provided at home or in an institution as an inpatient.   Hospice and palliative care is a covered benefit for all enrolled veterans, on par with all other medical services included in the Medical Benefits […]

Hospice History   The concept of hospice as medical treatment is a relatively new concept.  Physician Dame Cicely Saunders introduced the idea of specialized care for the dying.  She began working with the terminally ill in 1948 and started the first modern hospice center in London in 1967.  She brought the concept of hospice to […]

Sometimes the most difficult conversations to have are the most important, like helping your loved ones be prepared for when you die. Talking to your family about this topic beforehand is a way to show that you care and it will help to ease the financial burdens they may face.   Military retirees can have […]

The area of elder law and special needs planning is constantly evolving. On November 8, 2016, Colorado joined a handful of states—Washington, Oregon, California and Vermont—that have Death with Dignity laws, or physician-aid-in-dying laws. (Montana also allows it under a 2009 State Supreme Court ruling.)   This post will explore how these laws work, why some […]

Service Connected Disability Claims

by Antoinette Bone on Feb 2, 2017 Posted on Our Blog

A service connected disability claim for compensation – Rating 10-100% and monthly check – requires the Veteran to take action. If you do not file a claim (VA Form 21-526EZ), the VA will not search for you and file your claim. The VA is not going to reach out and hold your hand and file […]

Donald Trump’s election and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress surprised much of the nation. With control of legislative and executive branches of government, the expectation is Republicans will finally be able to push through long-awaited legislation, as well as follow through on promises made by candidate Trump. And they are expected to move […]

Caregiving Has Different Faces – by Rob Novick

by Antoinette Bone on Jan 11, 2017 Posted on Our Blog

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.   I’m starting the year off with an article that will hopefully get you thinking about the visit home you might have had over the holidays.   Being a caregiver can be overwhelming and exhausting. Also, consider the frustration, guilt, mental strain, and […]

Most Americans on Social Security Will See Increase of $4 to $5 in 2017   Yes, you read that right. There will be a 0.3% cost of living adjustment (COLA) for those receiving Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in 2017. That means most Americans will receive an increase of just $4 to […]

In this month’s newsletter we will look at the considerations those who want to age in place must consider in order to do that.  There are some tremendous challenges when ensuring our homes and communities are ready to support a high quality of life for older adults who want to age in place.  Many of […]

Choosing the Wrong Executor

by Antoinette Bone on Oct 5, 2016 Posted on Our Blog

No matter how much effort is put into planning an estate, the plan won’t work smoothly if the wrong executor is chosen — or, if a living trust, the wrong trustee. This article discusses four common mistakes people make when choosing an executor or trustee. Estate Planning Red Flag You haven’t chosen the right executor […]

Postmortem Tasks

by Antoinette Bone on Sep 30, 2016 Posted on Our Blog

Many find themselves at a loss regarding taking care of a loved one’s legal and financial matters after death.  This article walks through the steps, including locating the loved one’s will or living trust document; conducting an inventory of assets and liabilities; and attending to life insurance and Social Security benefits. Postmortem affairs What you […]

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

by Antoinette Bone on Sep 28, 2016 Posted on Our Blog

For unmarried couples, estate planning is indispensable   When married couples neglect to prepare an estate plan, state intestacy law provides one for them. It may not be the plan they would have designed, but at least it offers some measure of financial security for a surviving spouse. Unmarried couples, however, have no backup plan. […]

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

by Antoinette Bone on Aug 26, 2016 Posted on Our Blog

HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL!  I want to start off by first saying I do love my munchkin.  However, by the beginning of August, we were both ready for some time apart.  He was looking forward to going back to school.  I know attention spans are short these days and you are wondering what the heck […]

The benefits of a highly detailed, comprehensive power of attorney are numerous. Unfortunately, many powers of attorney are more general in nature and can actually cause more problems than they solve, especially for our senior population. This newsletter highlights the benefits of a comprehensive, detailed power of attorney, including some of the provisions that should […]

Long-term care is becoming an important issue for our nation to address.  We have 78 million aging baby boomers.  The costs of long-term care to these baby boomers can be catastrophic and few people have sufficient resources to pay for needed long-term care. In an effort to deal with this growing concern, the Long-Term Care […]