Estate Planning: Your Family, Your Wealth, Your Legacy.

Fees and Rates

The Law Office of Antoinette Bone, PLLC recognizes that the greatest fear for those seeking the assistance of an attorney is how attorneys charge for their services and how much can they expect to pay for those services. To alleviate some of those concerns, we are providing the following information regarding or fees. Fees will vary depending on the case. However, the following should provide you with some understanding of how we charge clients depending on the type of case the firm is handling for them.

Estate Planning Clients:
When assisting clients with their estate planning needs (i.e. drafting Wills, Trusts, powers of attorney, and the like), the firm charges flat fee.  After we have had a chance to visit with you about your specific needs, we are happy to quote our exact fee for you prior to beginning any work so that you know what the cost will be. For estate planning work, we require half of the fee be paid prior to the start of the work. The second half will be due a week prior to the day you are scheduled to sign your documents if paying by check and the day of if paying by credit card.

Probate and Guardianship Cases:
For our probate and guardianship cases, the firm charges services on an hourly basis. In these instances, you will be charged only for those services that we actually perform for you, and those charges are detailed on a monthly statement for you so that you fully understand the work and services we have performed. Additionally, we charge our probate and guardianship clients for our out-of-pocket expenses that the firm incurs on your behalf for items such as court costs, filing fees, and the like. These charges will also be detailed on your statement.

Generally, we require our probate and guardianship clients to make an upfront deposit with us. These funds will be used to pay fees and expenses as they are incurred as well as for the provision of services provided on an hourly basis. The amount of that deposit will vary depending on the complexity of the specific case. Once your deposit has been expended, we then appreciate prompt payment of our fees. If any portion of your deposit is unused, it will be refunded to you at the conclusion of the case.

Methods of Payment:
At The Law Office of Antoinette Bone, we realize that many people do not have the cash on hand to make large upfront payments for legal services. With that in mind, we accept  Discover, Mastercard or Visa credit card payments.