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Estate Planning: Your Family, Your Wealth, Your Legacy.

Firm Overview

Most estate planning attorneys provide valuable counsel regarding the transfer of assets and tax reduction.  At The Law Office of Antoinette Bone however, we view the “estate plan” as not just about financial matters, but also about the life objectives you hold for yourself and your family.  We take a holistic, comprehensive approach that recognizes the many areas of your life and the many stages we all go through.

This means digging a little deeper to learn what truly matters to you.  And it means doing so in an environment where the most effective ideas can be generated.

We believe that the best results occur when we work together as a team with you and your other trusted advisors.  Because we understand you want access to our advice and counsel, we are committed to responding to all of your inquiries within 24 hours.  We also realize that you want to know upfront what you can expect your fees to be.  As such, all costs are clearly outlined in our easily understandable fee structure documents.  Moreover, we will always adhere to those costs.  Should the parameters of the planning process change, you will always be advised beforehand of any additional fees involved.

Our commitment to you and your family extends further still — to ensuring that the firm’s staff and thereby you as well, are always kept up to date on the latest statutes, trends and ideas in estate planning.

Our relationship does not end with the signing of estate planning documents.  It is our hope that our relationship will extend for many years.  We look forward to working with you to evolve and alter your estate plan as you move through the various stages of life and as your needs change.

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